MFR (V, XI) Les Rivals – Sugar Babies
MFR (VII, XIII) The GO – Fiesta
MFR (IX, XVII) Les Rivals – Les Rivals
MFR (XIII, XIX) Deadly Vipers – Cataclysmic Events
MFR (XVII, XXIII) Mr. David Viner – So Well Hid
MFR (XXIII, XXIX) Mr. David Viner – Something Different From The Andouillette
MFR (XXXI, XXXVII) Gommard – Live At Monstreuil
MFR (XXXVII, XLIII) The Lookers – The Lookers
MFR (XLI, XLVII) The Richmond Sluts – 60 Cycles Of Love
MFR (XLVII, LIII) Druids Of The Gué Charette – Electric Druidism
MFR (LIII, LIX) All Seeing Eyes – In Us We Trust
MFR (LXI, LXVII) DickTracy Lords – Ain’t No Other Way
MFR (LXXIII, LXXIX) Druids Of The Gué Charette – Deep in the Woods (cassette)
MFR (LXXXIII, LXXXIX) Druids Of The Gué Charette – All The Darkness Is Alive
MFR (XCVII, CIII) Electric Nettles – Long Live The Galactic Empire – Part I : The Rise Of Emperor Galacticus
MFR (CI, CVII) Necessary Separations – The Necessary Separations
MFR (CIII, CIX) Druids Of The Gué Charette – Talking To The Moon
MFR (CVII, CXIII) Nick Wheeldon & Friends – Communication Problems

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